Orange Lace

I’m rather excited today about some yarn I ordered. The reason I was ordering yarn today was a gift certificate for The Loopy Ewe that I got from Shelby for a contest she ran for our group in Secret Pal 10. It was really hard deciding what yarn to get. All that luscious sock yarn can confuse a girl. So instead, I ordered some lace weight In a nice, fall sort of orange. There’s close to 1500 yards in the hank, so I ought to be able to make something fairly large. I’ve been wanting to knit a lace project for at least a year. There are loads of patterns out there, but very few of them actually use lace weight yarn. Being the sort of person I am, I wanted to use lace weight not worsted. I’ll just have to come up with a suitable pattern. I might be forced to buy some lace books. That would be a shame wouldn’t it? We all just hate getting a new knitting book…

The weather has suddenly turned decent around here. It will no doubt go away and get back to hot and horrible. The heat hasn’t done our garden any favors. We get a few tiny tomatoes, no peppers, no zuchini, no cucumbers, and well, you get the picture. Our beans are dead. I am not sure what the problem with them is. It seems like they should be getting enough water. The pumpkins seem like they are doing ok. I don’t think our garden has ever been this bad. There are always the fall crops to look forward to.

I have run into a bit of trouble with my Christmas list. I’ve run out of stuffing, so I haven’t been working on it the past few days. Poor excuse. I should be checking the rest of my list and seeing what I can do besides finish the bears. I find it is very important that I start my Christmas projects early. If I don’t, I won’t have time to get things done.


Ooh, I LOVE the Loopy Ewe, how exciting! And my garden is doa as well:(
Rebecca said…
The yarn sounds pretty - and there are some great lace books out there that I am sure would be wonderful for it. ☺

It is really hot here right now. We hit 90 today, which is very unusual for us. And I know that is not as hot as you have been having, but add the humidity and it becomes a bit miserable. Especially because a lot of places (like our home) don't have AC because it's usually not needed.

Sorry about your garden. I got mine in late, and then we had tons of rain. So, lots of big leaves with everything rotting below. Tasty.
Lone Knitter said…
Don't be ashamed about your cats and the Omega 3 thing. Please! How are we to know things like that? Your care for the cats resulted in a positive change, and that's something to be proud about! I also don't enjy toe-up socks. I guess I'm old-fashioned when it comes to socks--I like them top-down and with a good-ole heel flap.

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