I think I am going to embrace minimalism. I have identified something like 5 pieces of furniture that I am pretty positive I could get to our shed all by myself. Brent doesn’t think I can be a minimalist. He says it isn’t me. I think he is wrong. I discovered Art Deco when I was about 22 and have been in love ever since. Of course, now it is all about proving him wrong. Sort of. We have a small house. It is 1187 square feet with an open, flowing floor plan. I designed our house myself. Our house looks really small on the outside, but it looks much bigger when you get inside. Anyway, things have been feeling cramped and cluttered lately. Some of the furniture interrupts the flow of things, so I am going to get rid of it. Over the past 4 years I have determined there are only so many ways to arrange the furniture, so some things are going to the shed.

On to that sweater. I am binding off the neck edge right now. While binding it off, I am attaching it to the bottom of the ribbing so that I don’t have to sew it down. The way hems are sometimes done. I made a little girl sweater that had picot hem that was done this way. In the first picture below, the stitch nearest the end of the needle is the one I am picking up and knitting together to tack the neck down.

In the picture above, you might be able to see all the orange in the background where I had to weave in all the yarn ends. It jumps out at me, but maybe other people won’t really notice too much.

We’ve had a bit too much excitement and too little sleep over the weekend. Our hunting dog is 14 years old and had some seizures Friday night. We took her to the vet and they gave us medication we are to give her if she starts having one. Brent has been carrying her back in the house every time she goes outside. We leap out of bed numerous times in the night to make sure she isn’t having a seizure. This evening, I managed to coerce her into the house without being carried. She has had Brent packing her around like this before. If he were the kind of guy who takes his dog and has them put down because they can’t get around anymore, she would have died ages ago. Candy is a mere shadow of the fine hunting dog we once knew. It is sad to see her starting to go downhill, but she is very old for her breed according to the vet. And a dog couldn’t have a better life than having been Brent’s dog. He always says she isn’t really a dog.


I'm all for minimalism myself, go for it! Sorry to hear about your dog--my parents' Walker hound is the same age and is starting to falter as well:(
Rebecca said…
Oh, aging pets are sad. Our dog is ten, and while she is still pretty spry, some things are getting difficult and it's sad to think of how few are left.

Smart to pick up the stitches to hem it - makes so much more sense. The sweater looks great. I don't think people will notice the ends unless you say something about it.
Rebecca said…
Oh, I remember you asked me about Homer a while ago - I feel so away from my computer stuff I forget everything!

Hmmmm, I think there are several influences that color my perception of Homer. It was really where I started my Alaska experience, and kind of that welcome home base to go back to when I needed an escape from the village I was living in. Also, my brother had told me how beautiful it was - and it really was. There were lots of shops, art, a pretty cultural place in Alaska. And a lot of great restaurants. I also had a lot of good experiences there. When Randy came to Alaska, that was one of the places we stayed, and probably have the strongest memories of. I loved staying out at the Land's End Resort on the spit when I was there - it was incredibly beautiful Ocean, mountains, trees, bald eagles. One more thing - I have lived a lot of places, and visited a lot. I have often thought of various places that they would be nice places to live. But from the beginning, Homer seemed to click - a place that I didn't just think would be a nice place to live, but the place that felt right to stop at. That didn't happen, and I am happily putting down roots in the mountains of NC now, another incredible area, but Homer conjures some pretty good feelings and memories. On a side note, there are some areas in Idaho, the pan handle area, or west of Boise about an hour, that kind of corner area and stretching that I thought would be great places to live. My mom and I drove through there looking for property, and I loved some of those towns. One in particular, something with an O...looked on a map, Orofino.
Lone Knitter said…
It's really sad when pets get old. I grew up with lots of pets, and they all still haunt me in ways. I always wonder if they knew how much I loved them. We had a cat that lived to be 20. But, on a brighter note, your sweater looks wonderful. You're so quick!

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