Tour de France FO

I think it was Saturday when I finished my Tour de France sweater. It might have been Sunday morning. I can’t really remember, but I know I wore it all day Sunday and I love it, love it, love it. I hope to get Brent to take pictures of it in action, but in the meantime, here is the finished garment:

I threw it in the wash with some fabric this morning and then threw it in the dryer. It’s cotton and not lace, so I see no need for blocking it.

In other great knitting news, I am approaching the finish with the BSU Sweater. I apparently am to have it done by Thursday in time for their first game. We’ll see. It has been flying since I finished the lettering and started the saddle shoulder shaping. If I were to ever attempt this thing again, I would duplicate stitch the lettering. The lettering was so badly puckered, I had to cut all the threads and weave them in. All of them. Every stinking one. There must be something wrong with me, like mentally, for thinking the lettering would turn out fine. I know better than to think long carries won’t pucker. Live and learn, I guess. Pictures when it is finished.

On to our grand August weather. Our weekend was great. It doesn’t seem like it was very hot on Saturday. Sunday and yesterday it RAINED. As in off and on all day. It didn’t even get up to 60 yesterday. Perfect weather according to Brent. He has always felt Alaska’s summers are ideal. Today has been nice as well, but it did get up to 80. Punishing.


Wow, congrats!! Your sweater looks fantastic. And I must be brain dead to not have noticed that you lived in Alaska--did I catch that right?
Probably Jane said…
That looks thoroughly French.


Kyle William said…
gorgeous sweater! :)
Rebecca said…
Sweater is fabulous!

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