Thursday, September 27, 2007

Almost FO

Today I did something I never do. I bought myself some really nice yarn. I’ve spent to last couple days pouring over yarn at WEBS because I was looking for a nice sock yarn for Christmas socks. I’d been hoping to find something I liked to make Tangled Yoke. At a nice price, of course. Why else do we go to WEBS? We go there looking for a great deal. I found one, but not for Tangled Yoke yarn. I ordered some Noro Silver Thaw to hopefully use for Bloom from Knitty. Silver Thaw isn’t the same gauge as Noro Blossom, but I am hoping since it is a shawl that it won’t matter too much.

This is where I was this afternoon with my second Christmas glove:

Ah, the joy of nearing the end of a project. Even a small one. It is especially nice to know I have finished off some old stash yarn. I think the scarf is going to be a while. It feels daunting to know I have 300 stitches on my needles. Maybe it won’t be so daunting after I get going on it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Couple Sweaters

A strange thing has happened. This isn’t the sort of thing I could have ever imagined happening, either. Yesterday a new Victoria’s Secret catalog came in the mail. I flipped through it and noticed a really cool looking sweater. Naturally, I thought to myself ‘I can make that’. Today in the mail was a Lion Brand catalog. Once again, I am flipping through and what did I find? A sweater that resembled the one I liked in the catalog so much that they could have twins separated at birth. It is uncanny how much alike these two sweaters are. See for yourself:

I’m thinking about buying the pattern. It would save all that hassle of having to figure out the increases. What really worried me was how I was going to do the sideways bits right there at the shoulders. Heavens, now I can just do it the EASY way!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Autumn!

I am on Ravelry, finally. I got my invite in the night. And I didn’t check my email until noon. All those hours wasted… So far, I haven’t put any yarn in my stash. Some of my pictures came out blurry, so I have to redo them. I did put in some of my books. So far I have spent all my time seeing how it all works and haven’t really looked at stuff.

It is still overcast today. Still gloomy. Nice and cool. It rained most of the night last night. There are times when I would be disgusted at this sort of weather, but at the end of Summer, the first day of Autumn, it is something to celebrate. There shouldn’t be more thunderstorms to make me worry about fires until next year.

The other day, I told Knitter #2 that we would decorate for Fall today:

I made this wreath last year with things from Walmart and JoAnn’s. I’ve only put up this decoration since it is nap time and you never know when decorating with out help will be the end of the world with little girls. I can’t wait to decorate for Halloween. We now officially do that on the 13th of October. It is the day after Knitter #3’s birthday.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome, Gloom!

I checked on my Ravelry wait today and it was at 296 people. That means that I am ever so close to getting in. I celebrated with some picture taking. The light around here isn’t very good because we are having a wonderfully gloomy day. After the heat of summer, I welcome a gloomy day or two. Anyway, no knitting pictures.

What a week we have had. Colds, and then immunizations. If that wasn’t an experience from hell, I don’t know what would be. The youngest really didn’t want to walk back to that little room. I guess she had a bad feeling. She got her shot first. It seemed like the shrieking and tears would NEVER end. Meanwhile, her big sister was behind my chair whimpering and clutching a Dora doll. Finally, I just put the little one down so I could drag the other out from the behind the chair. The nurse tried to distract her from what was happening, but it was still the end of the world. They did stop crying when I told them we would go down the street and get a treat. Candy, of course. Sweets are sort of a cure-all.

I am nearly one with my first pair of Christmas gloves and I am in the midst of casting on a scarf from the Fall 2007 Knitscene. It looks fun and stripey. Hopefully we will get some nice light in the next few days for some knitting pictures.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Colds All Around

We’ve been a houseful of sickies lately, so I haven’t gotten much knitting done. First it was knitter #2 that came down sick. Then it was knitter #3 and me. Last of all, Brent came home from work last night saying he felt horrible. I’ve been in a cold medicine induced stupor for several days.

I finally decided my norse sweater is going to be red and white. I hadn’t been thinking about it much lately, but I woke up from a nap this afternoon and knew it needed to be those colors or I might not wear it. Funny what cold medicine and cold weather will make you think about.

This year, Socktoberfest is going to be sort of a knitalong. There won’t be any contests and you don’t have to sign up to be part of it. I guess you just have to say you are Socktoberfesting it and knit some socks. And that works for me!

Yesterday was my first day of volunteering at preschool. I am so glad that isn’t my job everyday. It was fun, but also tiring. Thank heavens the kids were lethargic yesterday morning or I might not have made it. That cold medicine just knocks me over. It was interesting to see how my daughter acts around the other kids and how she interacts with them.

As of this morning, there are 2,614 people ahead of me at Ravelry. It seems like an impossible waiting time. Maybe I should start taking pictures of my yarn now so I don’t have to waste time doing that after I get on. Not that I have so very much of it to take pictures of. I have no stash compared to some people out there. It makes me feel good and envious at the same time. I don’t have to worry about using it before I pass on (at an exceedingly annoying old age if I can manage it…) but it limits what I can do with just stash yarn. I really feel bad for the people among the over 17,000 who are behind me. I would really, really hate to be one of last 10,000. Yikes. I don’t think the county I live in has 17,000 people in it. I could be wrong about that, so I won’t make any bets.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Finished BSU Sweater

I got with it today and did some underarm grafting, and so we have a completely finished BSU Sweater:

I am so glad to get this little beasty done. When you start having fitting problems with a sweater, it can really be a drag on your knitting. The little Christmas projects should make me feel better about it, though. Nearly instant gratification. It’s always nice to finish a project in 2 or 3 days.

The other day, a commenter asked if BSU was Boise State. Indeed, it is. I went to the University of Idaho, which I referred to as ‘the other school’. My husband’s entire family on both sides are BSU fans. I find it sick and twisted the way a few of them are completely obsessed about that school’s football team. And they were like that before they won the Fiesta Bowl last winter. Most of his family aren’t, um, obsessed. Thankfully.

My daughter is now in her second week of preschool. She loves preschool. When we left and got in the car today, she cried because she didn’t want to leave. I felt so bad, but also amused. Before we left, I talked to the teacher and volunteered myself to be an assistant in the class one day a week. I will be sitting on very small chairs every Monday now.

My bike is turning into a money pit. When my husband got my bike out from under the fifth wheel, I found out that it needed a new seat. My old helmet and tire pump had disappeared as well. On further inspection, I saw that I needed a new tire. Both tubes seem to be shot. And I thought I could get it out, air up the tires and be off. Sadly, this bike doesn’t even have very many miles on it. When we first moved in our house, we didn’t have any sheds for storing things in, so the bike sat outside in the sun, rain, and snow for a while before being stashed underneath the fifth wheel. One of my cousins won it in a drawing, and I bought it from him for $20 about 6 years ago. I haven’t ridden it since before I got pregnant for the first time 5 years ago. I predict it will be good as new when I get the new tubes in the tires and lube everything up. After that, I plan to put some miles on it.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Obscene Gloves

The other night, we had these for supper. Fried green tomatoes. Yum.

The other day, the ADD Knitter wanted to know what people were excited about knitting this fall, and I realized I don’t have anything that I am really excited about knitting. I am doing my Christmas knitting, and it is coming along. That leads me to a funny knitting story from today. I was knitting away on this glove, and got to the end of the third finger. After I ran the end back through the stitches to pull the end closed, I laid the glove out in my lap to see how it looked. The middle finger was so long it looked like it was giving me the bird. After I quit laughing, I pulled out a few rows. The person who will be getting the glove doesn’t have a freakishly long middle finger, but they would have been very amused. I love how fast gloves go. While I still don’t have anything I am really excited to be knitting this fall, I did find this cool pattern at Elann today.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Toys and Petty Jealousy

I have virtually no knitting news. I am approaching the finish on the BSU sweater. Yeah, I didn’t make the second finish date, either. I knitted my way through the game just for my husband, though. Not that they needed the help. They walked all over the team they played. I don’t care about BSU. My husband’s family are all insane fans. I went to the other school AND I think college is where you go for an EDUCATION. My only real knitting news would be the three super saver skeins of acrylic I got for some Christmas presents that need to be wool free and washable. My brother is allergic to wool.

I got a new toy over the weekend. The leaking washing machine turned out to have a really bad leak that involved some seal. Not a loose hose. The machine cost us all of $30, so we decided to just get a new one that can be sent back if it malfunctions. We got an LG Tromm, and I LOVE it. It is a front loader and uses way less water than the old one did. That means I can use it when our sprinkler system is running without any worries.

After reading all my favorite blogs today, I am insanely jealous. Claudia got a new bike so she can run errands on a bike instead of her car. We live too far from town to run errands on a bike. I haven’t ridden my bike in ages. Maybe I’ll drag it out some early morning before the wasps start buzzing around. I think Brent has it hidden under the camper. (calling it a camper is really a joke - the thing is way too big for campgrounds in the mountains) Claudia’s new bike is a beauty and I probably won’t even like mine anymore!

I do have a bit of cheery news. I counted up the money in my can that I have been saving for a spinning wheel and I already have almost enough! It seems to accumulate faster if you don’t count it every time you open the can…