A Couple Sweaters

A strange thing has happened. This isn’t the sort of thing I could have ever imagined happening, either. Yesterday a new Victoria’s Secret catalog came in the mail. I flipped through it and noticed a really cool looking sweater. Naturally, I thought to myself ‘I can make that’. Today in the mail was a Lion Brand catalog. Once again, I am flipping through and what did I find? A sweater that resembled the one I liked in the catalog so much that they could have twins separated at birth. It is uncanny how much alike these two sweaters are. See for yourself:

I’m thinking about buying the pattern. It would save all that hassle of having to figure out the increases. What really worried me was how I was going to do the sideways bits right there at the shoulders. Heavens, now I can just do it the EASY way!


lorinda said…
That's an adorable sweater, but since the model weighs all of 65 pounds and is 7 feet tall, I'm not sure how good it would look on my short, curvy self. Love it, though. Looks like it would be fun to knit.
How funny, I got that same Lion Brand catalog today in the mail! How did they get our addresses??
Sarah said…
Oh my gosh -- that is so weird! It absolutely looks like a copy of the Vicki's Secret sweater. Or vice versa. There were lots of patterns in the Lion Brand catalog that I actually liked. I think I will be ordering a couple, too.

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