My Obscene Gloves

The other night, we had these for supper. Fried green tomatoes. Yum.

The other day, the ADD Knitter wanted to know what people were excited about knitting this fall, and I realized I don’t have anything that I am really excited about knitting. I am doing my Christmas knitting, and it is coming along. That leads me to a funny knitting story from today. I was knitting away on this glove, and got to the end of the third finger. After I ran the end back through the stitches to pull the end closed, I laid the glove out in my lap to see how it looked. The middle finger was so long it looked like it was giving me the bird. After I quit laughing, I pulled out a few rows. The person who will be getting the glove doesn’t have a freakishly long middle finger, but they would have been very amused. I love how fast gloves go. While I still don’t have anything I am really excited to be knitting this fall, I did find this cool pattern at Elann today.


Lone Knitter said…
Mmmm...I love fried green tomatoes.

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