Colds All Around

We’ve been a houseful of sickies lately, so I haven’t gotten much knitting done. First it was knitter #2 that came down sick. Then it was knitter #3 and me. Last of all, Brent came home from work last night saying he felt horrible. I’ve been in a cold medicine induced stupor for several days.

I finally decided my norse sweater is going to be red and white. I hadn’t been thinking about it much lately, but I woke up from a nap this afternoon and knew it needed to be those colors or I might not wear it. Funny what cold medicine and cold weather will make you think about.

This year, Socktoberfest is going to be sort of a knitalong. There won’t be any contests and you don’t have to sign up to be part of it. I guess you just have to say you are Socktoberfesting it and knit some socks. And that works for me!

Yesterday was my first day of volunteering at preschool. I am so glad that isn’t my job everyday. It was fun, but also tiring. Thank heavens the kids were lethargic yesterday morning or I might not have made it. That cold medicine just knocks me over. It was interesting to see how my daughter acts around the other kids and how she interacts with them.

As of this morning, there are 2,614 people ahead of me at Ravelry. It seems like an impossible waiting time. Maybe I should start taking pictures of my yarn now so I don’t have to waste time doing that after I get on. Not that I have so very much of it to take pictures of. I have no stash compared to some people out there. It makes me feel good and envious at the same time. I don’t have to worry about using it before I pass on (at an exceedingly annoying old age if I can manage it…) but it limits what I can do with just stash yarn. I really feel bad for the people among the over 17,000 who are behind me. I would really, really hate to be one of last 10,000. Yikes. I don’t think the county I live in has 17,000 people in it. I could be wrong about that, so I won’t make any bets.


Rebecca said…
There are still over 11,000 people ahead of me on Ravelry. When I first looked at it back when it was coming out, I didn't think to join because I didn't think I would use it. But, since you have to have an account to view other people's stuff, I am now on the waiting list. Maybe it will also be something I will use.

I have a red and white Nordic sweater and it is my favorite. Not that I knit mom bought some when a local shop was having a huge sale. Mine has a quarter zip and is lined with fleece around the neck; I love that sweater! I'm excited to see what you knit.
Lone Knitter said…
It's amazing how many people are signing up for Ravelry every day, every hour, every minute. If you refresh the "check where you are in line" page, you can see that more and more people sign up every minute! The line has been moving fast this week. It seemed to not be moving at all for a month. Now I'm like 900 in line or something like that. It seems to be moving at the very slow rate of 300 people per day. My stash is small too. :)
Sarah said…
I hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon....

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