Almost FO

Today I did something I never do. I bought myself some really nice yarn. I’ve spent to last couple days pouring over yarn at WEBS because I was looking for a nice sock yarn for Christmas socks. I’d been hoping to find something I liked to make Tangled Yoke. At a nice price, of course. Why else do we go to WEBS? We go there looking for a great deal. I found one, but not for Tangled Yoke yarn. I ordered some Noro Silver Thaw to hopefully use for Bloom from Knitty. Silver Thaw isn’t the same gauge as Noro Blossom, but I am hoping since it is a shawl that it won’t matter too much.

This is where I was this afternoon with my second Christmas glove:

Ah, the joy of nearing the end of a project. Even a small one. It is especially nice to know I have finished off some old stash yarn. I think the scarf is going to be a while. It feels daunting to know I have 300 stitches on my needles. Maybe it won’t be so daunting after I get going on it.


Lone Knitter said…
That's such a nice-looking glove. I haven't made mittens or gloves yet. Your glove makes me want to go out and try.

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