Happy Autumn!

I am on Ravelry, finally. I got my invite in the night. And I didn’t check my email until noon. All those hours wasted… So far, I haven’t put any yarn in my stash. Some of my pictures came out blurry, so I have to redo them. I did put in some of my books. So far I have spent all my time seeing how it all works and haven’t really looked at stuff.

It is still overcast today. Still gloomy. Nice and cool. It rained most of the night last night. There are times when I would be disgusted at this sort of weather, but at the end of Summer, the first day of Autumn, it is something to celebrate. There shouldn’t be more thunderstorms to make me worry about fires until next year.

The other day, I told Knitter #2 that we would decorate for Fall today:

I made this wreath last year with things from Walmart and JoAnn’s. I’ve only put up this decoration since it is nap time and you never know when decorating with out help will be the end of the world with little girls. I can’t wait to decorate for Halloween. We now officially do that on the 13th of October. It is the day after Knitter #3’s birthday.


Love that wreath so much, you are ever the crafty one!
Sarah said…
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