The Finished BSU Sweater

I got with it today and did some underarm grafting, and so we have a completely finished BSU Sweater:

I am so glad to get this little beasty done. When you start having fitting problems with a sweater, it can really be a drag on your knitting. The little Christmas projects should make me feel better about it, though. Nearly instant gratification. It’s always nice to finish a project in 2 or 3 days.

The other day, a commenter asked if BSU was Boise State. Indeed, it is. I went to the University of Idaho, which I referred to as ‘the other school’. My husband’s entire family on both sides are BSU fans. I find it sick and twisted the way a few of them are completely obsessed about that school’s football team. And they were like that before they won the Fiesta Bowl last winter. Most of his family aren’t, um, obsessed. Thankfully.

My daughter is now in her second week of preschool. She loves preschool. When we left and got in the car today, she cried because she didn’t want to leave. I felt so bad, but also amused. Before we left, I talked to the teacher and volunteered myself to be an assistant in the class one day a week. I will be sitting on very small chairs every Monday now.

My bike is turning into a money pit. When my husband got my bike out from under the fifth wheel, I found out that it needed a new seat. My old helmet and tire pump had disappeared as well. On further inspection, I saw that I needed a new tire. Both tubes seem to be shot. And I thought I could get it out, air up the tires and be off. Sadly, this bike doesn’t even have very many miles on it. When we first moved in our house, we didn’t have any sheds for storing things in, so the bike sat outside in the sun, rain, and snow for a while before being stashed underneath the fifth wheel. One of my cousins won it in a drawing, and I bought it from him for $20 about 6 years ago. I haven’t ridden it since before I got pregnant for the first time 5 years ago. I predict it will be good as new when I get the new tubes in the tires and lube everything up. After that, I plan to put some miles on it.


Awww, those small chairs...Your sweater looks great. I just read a blurb somewhere that said that Appalachian State is the new Boise State in football, so just tell your familt THAT!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kathy, the spa day was fab nmade so much better by meeting up with an old friend ,we had the most wonderful massages in the morning the afternoon I had an algae wrap just imagine warm green jelly smeared on your body and then wrapped in baking foil to cook! And yes I drop in on your blog every once in a while too!
Lone Knitter said…
Yay for the finished sweater. I'm a bit obsessed with college football. I got the bug a few years ago, and now I live for college football Saturdays. I get a lot of knitting done on those days!

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