Welcome, Gloom!

I checked on my Ravelry wait today and it was at 296 people. That means that I am ever so close to getting in. I celebrated with some picture taking. The light around here isn’t very good because we are having a wonderfully gloomy day. After the heat of summer, I welcome a gloomy day or two. Anyway, no knitting pictures.

What a week we have had. Colds, and then immunizations. If that wasn’t an experience from hell, I don’t know what would be. The youngest really didn’t want to walk back to that little room. I guess she had a bad feeling. She got her shot first. It seemed like the shrieking and tears would NEVER end. Meanwhile, her big sister was behind my chair whimpering and clutching a Dora doll. Finally, I just put the little one down so I could drag the other out from the behind the chair. The nurse tried to distract her from what was happening, but it was still the end of the world. They did stop crying when I told them we would go down the street and get a treat. Candy, of course. Sweets are sort of a cure-all.

I am nearly one with my first pair of Christmas gloves and I am in the midst of casting on a scarf from the Fall 2007 Knitscene. It looks fun and stripey. Hopefully we will get some nice light in the next few days for some knitting pictures.


Rebecca said…
There are now more people after me than before me in the Ravelry queue, and there are now fewer than 10,000 ahead of me, but still a ton. I imagine with the several hundred invites they are sending out each day you will be on next.

The pink dress I have listed on my to-do list was/is a knitted little girls' dress. I wasn't happy with what was happening, and was tired of it, so it has become an UFO. I think it will be ripped, and the yarn used for something else. I did learn some things from it, and it wasn't discouraging, it just wasn't right.
OMG any minute now you'll get your invite!! You better 'friend' me!:)

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