And Finally, Some Knitting

The other night, Cast Away was on and you know what Knitter #2 said? She said ‘he needs to get a rain catch‘. Last summer she rubbed 2 sticks together on the ottoman and one of them turned black. She was very proud of herself. I was alarmed. Perhaps we watch too much Survivorman.

I am finished with Crinkle! It isn’t all seamed yet. I am still doing the edgings, but all the parts are made. I was hoping to have it done so I could wear it out and about tomorrow, but I don’t think there is any way I can finish all those edging bits in time for that.

In celebration, I have been working on my Luna Moth Shawl:

I am enjoying it immensely. It seems to grow in leaps and bounds when I work on it. I’ve just begun the 2nd of the 3.5 repeats it takes.

My next project is for a knit along this month. It is the Happy Hen sweater from Lucinda Guy’s Handknits For Kids. An pretty book full of adorable things for the kiddies. I think my colors are better, though:

And! I dyed some lovely red yarn today. It is almost perfect. I am practicing up for when I get some yarn to dye for doing a Thermal. One of those projects that will no doubt take me forever to get around to. Just like Crinkle did.

Notice how the yarn looks like a clown’s mouth? Scary. I think this yarn is going to be a pair of ribbed socks.


Rima said…
Happy Hen Sweater! So cute!
Lone Knitter said…
Oww...that red yarns looks so pretty against that blue sky.
Probably Jane said…
I've done the Luna Moth - it really is lovely pattern. Good yarn choice.

That giant clown mouth will give me nightmares though....

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