Boy does it feel good to finish a project! I finished doing the neck of Soria last night. I was then going to settle in to reading a Tolkein book only to find I’d already read it. That was off-putting. Today I reserved the book I was looking for (The Fellowship of the Ring). And to keep myself occupied I got 3 medieval stories.

As for knitting, I move on to finishing the pink sweater. I have to see where I am with it, but I know I am at least half way through it. My fair plans have met with an obstacle. In the knitting categories, they have accessories. Not separate categories for hats, mittens, and scarves. Or shawls. It peeves me that they don’t have more categories in the knitting section. They always tell me that if they have entries for things they will open up categories for them. So I will take the stuff, but it still annoys me. I’m even thinking of making something crocheted to take.

Late Breaking News:

Zoe has kidded! 2 more black and white bucklings. What a downer. I wanted another doeling. I guess we can eat them. Guess we’ll see what next year brings. The year after, we’ll probably have 3 sets of babies if nothing untoward happens to Kisses.


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