I Couldn't Help Myself...

It would seem that I am a big, fat liar. I started these mittens yesterday. Ravelry link here. They are supposed to be made with bulky yarn, but I did some swatching last night and am using Patons classic wool for them. It is worsted, but I went up a couple needle sizes and am satisfied with what I swatched.

I am nearly finished with the left front of the pink sweater. Next up will be the sleeves. Then the hood. After that, the ugly finish work. I almost never make a sweater with loads of seams to sew up. I am not actually sure why I did this time. Possibly it was because it is cotton yarn and I thought it might need the seams to help it keep its shape.

Tonight we are heading to a festival in town and it is currently storming. Hopefully it will be all blown over by the time we get there. Last night we decided not to go, and the storm never materialized. Naturally, it would be stormy tonight.

This afternoon, the UPS truck rumbled up my driveway and brought me a delightful box. The hobbles have arrived and we will see tomorrow morning how much milk I get out those goats. Zoe kicked a bit this morning, but I thought she did quite well for her first time. I’ve been able to get just enough to feed little Stanley out of Belle. I expect to get loads more tomorrow morning when she shouldn’t be able to kick or put her foot in the bucket. Maybe if I get copious amounts, I’ll post pictures.


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