The Sun Came Out!

This was a post for yesterday:

The sun is shining! And we all know what that means… Laundry day!

I have sorted out some of my ideas about the fair. Besides Soria, I think I will use my daughter’s pink sweater for my cardigan entry. If I can manage it, I could use some socks I was making for Brent as a sock entry. That would mean making the second sock, though. We all know what a deal breaker THAT can be.

Today I did some other fun things. Like mucking out the barn. It was going great until the sheep showed up. They are as uncooperative as goats. Maybe even more so. I had to give it up and come back to the house. And the meant it was time to finally pull out my Wii Fit Plus. I bought the Wii and the Wii Fit Plus last weekend. That thing is fun. I could seriously work out every day using that thing. I’m not sure it is really as good a workout as Kathy Smith gives me, but it is tons of fun.

There was something in the mail the other day. My ravelry mitten swap mittens. And goodies. Heavens, the goodies! Pictures next post.


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