It's been a while.  I started working every day in September and that was a serious adjustment. I hadn't worked 5 days a week since long before this blog existed. I think the adjustment is over, so maybe I can get back to regular stuff. Like blogging, working out, making a weekly menu, and even playing my banjo.

I have been knitting and hope to show some pictures here soon. My laptop is having issues. It is currently at friends house to see if it is the hard drive going out. I am betting that is what it is. So it might need a new one. My laptop isn't very old, so I hope it is an easy fix. Anyway, no pics for now. My tablet is older than the laptop and the camera no longer works. I may be in serious trouble soon. Hope I don't find myself down to only my smart phone. I seriously doubt hubby wants to share his laptop with me!

How about my hair? It keeps getting longer and I am now in winter care mode. I've been using sweet almond oil and coconut oil every week. My ends have been loving the coconut oil. It keeps them from getting too dried out from all the dry indoor air. The plus is that my hair smells like coconut. If I could use it on my skin, I would. Then all of me could smell that good.

My goals for the year? How have they gone? Lets see.

1. Knit more with my own yarn.

This has been a success. I've knit a bunch of stuff with my yarn this year and am currently knitting a sweater.

2. Knit at least 6 big projects with yarn I already have.

Not so successful. But I have finished up a lot of projects this year and that has been a goal for a long time.

3. Work out regularly.

Also not a success. Ever since I nearly died, I have a hard time keeping with a workout schedule. The experience changed me and I think it is some kind of mental thing. I took such good care of myself and I almost died. What I should really be thinking is I LIVED because I took such good care of myself.

4. Drink 4 jars of water a day.

It is hard to drink that quantity of water. I've worked at it all year. I do have to say, I feel GREAT when I get most of it in.

The year isn't over, so maybe I can turn no. 3 and 4 into sucess. I am feeling motivated lately, and that always helps.


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