Bring Out the Dye Pots

I decided back in November that during Christmas break, I was going to have to get some stuff done that I just didn't seem to have time for during the last couple months. One of those things was dyeing some tees I had bought for myself this fall. I couldn't find any in colors I liked earlier in the fall, so I am finally dyeing some of them. Last year I started dyeing leggings to wear in the winter with skirts. It is a far different process than when I dye my yarn.

So far, I have always like how the colors have come out in clothes I have dyed.

Yesterday I decided I should start dragging out that dreadful peach colored yarn. So today I am going to get a couple balls out and wrap them on my warping board. I may even get one dyed today to see what it looks like. Overdyeing is kind of a science experiment. I'll just have to see what effect the peach color has on some other colors. Maybe I will find something just right for a sweater or Pi shawl. Here is the offending color:

I have at least 10 more just like it. My ravelry stash says I have over 2700 yards of the stuff. I can't believe it could have possibly taken that much to make a size 3 or 4 sweater and dress. It would probably make 2 sweaters for me. I will probably dye it into a couple of colors. The yarn is Knit Picks Palette which is a great jumper yarn. It is fingering weight and sticky. It is not next to the skin soft, but the project I bought it for was not mean to be next to the skin. I honestly really like this yarn. It isn't Jamieson & Smith, but it works.

The other day, I finished a project that was a gift for a friend. I decided I could get out another languishing projects. They are pair of socks from September 2013. That was over a year ago. It might have even been August. I can't remember, to be honest. I am working both socks at once, one from each end of the ball of yarn. One is just about to the heel, the other was in the middle of the ribbing at the top. When I started looking at that one, it just didn't make any sense. I couldn't figure out what I was doing with it. I clearly wasn't following the chart. In fact, I had changed what I was doing with the top ribbing half way through what I had (about 8 rows). Neither part matched the chart. I do remember that I misunderstood the chart when I started the first sock. I ripped the whole thing out and started it over. One of the socks will have the correct ribbing at the top and I doubt anyone will ever notice.

I seriously thought about frogging the whole project this year. The pattern is Crescendo and I think they will look amazing when I finish them.So, I will stick with them and have something lovely to  show off in a month or so.

Right now I am resisting the urge to cast on something New Year's morning. Nope, I am going to finish my current projects first. Yes I am. I'll just keep telling myself that...


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