Snow Kitties

The day after a big snowstorm is always a perfect day for sledding, providing it hasn't rained on top of the snow and then promptly frozen. That kind of situation is dangerous. My brother cut his lip sledding on THAT kind of day when we were kids. Today was one of the perfect for sledding kind. So this afternoon after church, we all hiked up the hill and rode down the north side. Even the cats got in on the act:

GreyPaw is a silly, fun loving little cat. She likes to play in water, so it is not surprising she likes playing in the snow so much. She is Knitter #3's cat and their personalities are a perfect match. My cat, Airy, is a boy and hates to cuddle. I kept telling Knitter #2 to hurry up and get this picture:

He almost got run over by the sled and was in a mood for the rest the time we were out there.

I am back to working on my current sweater project. I've had it with no good light for knitting pictures, so today I took some out on the deck. First the sweater:

It is Lillian Fay by Ellen Mason. I've wanted to make this sweater for quite a while and am so happy with the way it is going. It is definitely a fun knit. Next up:

Estonian Lace Wrist Warmers by Evelyn Clark. This pattern has been around for a while and is a freebie. It is another one I have wanted to make for a long time. I want to stress that these are not mitts, but wrist warmers. I thought about turning them into mitts, but decided to just go with the pattern. It won't kill me to try out something new. Following the pattern and wrist warmers could both be considered something new for me.

I am really enjoying my winter break and hope you are enjoying yours too!


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