Stash and Snow Sheep

As the year winds down around here, I've been looking at my stash and wanting to get some old projects done. There is a sweater I have had the yarn for far longer than any of my students have been alive. My oldest students are 6. That particular sweater is next in line to be started. I have some other yarn that I bought without a pattern in mind, but there is enough for a sweater. Ravelry just makes it harder to decided what to make, so I decided to just go through some of my books and find something there.

I have finished a lot of projects this year and am feeling good about it. I don't like having lots of projects laying around languishing and not ever getting finished. This year I was successful with getting some done and deciding there were others that I just wasn't interested in anymore. I've also weeded out my queue on Ravelry and have started knitting things from my list that I really, really want to have. The sweater I mentioned above has been there since 2007 and I STILL want to knit it. Our tastes can come and go, but sometimes a pattern just keeps calling to you.

My stash has vast quantities of some yarns I bought to do sweater and dress combos for my kids some years ago. And I never got to the projects. These things happen, we all know that. But now I have probably 1500 yards (maybe more) of peach colored fingering weight yarn. I don't care for the color, personally. But Knitter #3 would have looked great in it back in the day. I am thinking that what I should do is unwind the balls, tie them in hanks, and dye a darker color for a cardigan for me. Pale colors don't get along well with me. I look good in some of them, but I spill EVERYTHING done the front of me and on the cuffs of my sleeves. My clothes need to be darker than coffee stains. Maybe it could become a delightful dark red.

But in other news, it is snowing RIGHT NOW! I love snow when I have no place to be, no worrying about when a school bus will show up with my little knitters safe and sound. Or worrying about my husband and his truck getting home fine. I am loving it. I can sit next to the fire in our living room and knit away while the snow covers my sheep. They are so cute with a coat of snow on their fluffy backs.

Aren't they just adorable? Ok, I am biased towards loving them. This is our ram and his two slightly older uncles who are wethers. That means they have been castrated and can not make lambs. They are also not prone to being hormonal in the fall and early winter. Our ram, Ragnar, is on the far right. My sheep are all shetlands and are just as short as they look in the picture. When they've been sheared, you can see just how small they are, which is not a whole lot bigger than our Border Collie, Maggie.


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