Some Cozy Projects

This was meant to be posted before Christmas, but I didn't get it ready in time.

Well, it is sure nice to have my computer back! I've actually had it back for a week, but it takes a while to get all the stuff back on it. One of the important ones for me is the program I use to work on my pictures, because I have pictures to show. I also had the flu. Yuck. Anyway, my laptop had to have a new hard drive. One of the nice things is that now my printer actually works wirelessly and it never would before. It is like having something all new. All the outdated programs are gone, gone, gone. Along with all the information that I actually need. However, I did get it all backed up, so I have been adding stuff back to the computer over the past week. Along with wrapping presents, working, being sick, and etc.

There are some long finished projects I want to show off here. Some of them have been finished since August or September. Lets start with the scarves:

This first scarf is called Kary's Chevron Scarf and is archived. The original website is gone, I believe and you follow a link on the Ravelry page to find it. I don't know why I blocked this scarf, because the pattern makes the fabric fold in on itself and no amount of blocking seems to cause it to stop. I have a couple of them now and I have just accepted they will fold in and be a skinny scarf. I do like the way all the colors came together in this one. This picture was before I blocked it, but it looks pretty much the same.

This is the Celo scarf from one of my summer knitalongs:

I love this scarf and the way it came out after I blocked it. It is silk and wool which equals deliciously soft. It is my new favorite scarf. I need to get some pictures of it since I blocked it. The light around here has not been cooperating. We have sun when I have to do other things like music lessons and Christmas dinner. It is a fact of life this time of year. Take pictures while the sun shines.

Next up are my Sword of Gryffindor Mitts:

These aren't truly finished yet because I haven't put the buttons on yet. I think they will be super awesome when I get that done. My plan is to use a dozen (6 per mitt) of semi matching buttons from my Grandma's button collection.

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday!


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