Artistic Endeavors

That Silvia is always making me envious with her sewing projects. I must really get sewing or I am going to be completely green with envy at all the great projects she has been doing the past few months. I love sewing things.

Yesterday, I got a helping hand from knitter #2. She was coloring with her markers and offered to let me use them. I was sketching for a watercolor. Markers are so much prettier than pencil, you know. I was sketching on my water color paper, too. When I came back from making supper, I found that she had created a masterpiece for me. How fortunate I am to have a child that not only knits, but creates wonderful works of art as well.

I am still knitting on the sleeve of Rose. I am enjoying it, but I haven't had loads of knitting time the past few days. At least the boredom I was consumed with the other day has faded away.


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