Pre-Fourth Fireworks

Last night, Mother Nature provided an early show. An unpleasant show, I might add. Lightning started a fire on the other side of our rather narrow valley and burned a goodly chunk of it. There is a creek and irrigated ground between here and there, so even with the wind roaring like it was, we weren't in much danger over here. Our neighbors had the fire come very close, but the fire dept. was there with equipment, men and a water truck or two. This morning they were there with a dozer reinforcing the fire line so it didn't start back up. And in my world, all the little baby animals and their parents escaped the fire.

In nicer news, much progress on Rose over the birthday weekend. Strangely, I don't feel a whole year older, but I guess I am. Anyway, I am nearly to the point on the back that I do the shaping for the neckline. THAT means I am nearly done with the back. And, when you are done with the back, that means you don't have much left to do. Just finish the fronts, make sleeves, do the neck, and sew it together. And voila! baby sweater finito. I love being finished with things.....


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