Well, I finally pulled the sewing machine out and made my skirt. I am not sure I am happy with it, though. It is more of a square with a drawstring than the a-line I thought it would be. I may tear out some seams and tweak them. It makes me feel like I am wearing a flour sack...

The knitting has been going well. I am on the last sleeve of Rose now. The end is in sight. After it is finished, I can start on the coveted and drooled over ladybug sweater. It is from the same Dale book as Rose. I don't remember the name of it just now. Tomorrow I will post some pictures.

I would do a happy dance over having done some sewing, but my foot aches from standing at my work table much of the day. Maybe if I hadn't done it barefoot, my foot would feel better. Next time I will wear my boots.

Yesterday when I was out on my shopping spree (yeah, right) I got a new pedometer. This time I got the cheap pedometer rather than the ultra cheap one. Hopefully it will last longer. It's always interesting to know how many miles you walked in a day.


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