The End in Sight!!!

I am literally a few rows from being done with the last sleeve of Rose. After that, there is very little to do to finish it up. And to think, I wanted to have it done a month ago... I nearly salivate at the thought of starting the next kiddo sweater. I must not have liked myself very much the day I mapped out all these knitting projects last winter. I am enjoying them, though. What would I do if I hadn't decided to do them? Knit myself socks? The girl who hasn't very many socks. Hmm. I really do NEED socks. Maybe I should go back to sock knitting for a while. It is legal to have more than one knitting project at a time. As long as I work on both of them. I bet I could finish that sleeve tonight. And then I could knit on a sock the rest of the night....


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