Monday Again

My husband actually had both days off this weekend, and now I am lonely. It was nice having him home Saturday and Sunday. Now he has gone off to work and all I want to do is mope around the house.

I got fabric over the weekend, so now I can sew something fun for me. I am still working on the little reversible dress for knitter #3. I had to give up the work table to the blocking and drying sweater for a few days. I've got all my pieces cut out and some of them are pinned and ready to sew. I have to wind a bobbin by hand because my bobbins won't fit on the sewing machine to wind. What a pain. I am definitely going to get the Singer fixed. I love it and it used to be my mother's. Storage was not kind to it, mice got in and chewed the electrical wires.

The weather has cooled off the past 2 days now. It feels like fall because it has only been in the 80's. Feels like sock knittin' weather. I plan on posting a picture of the finished Rose here today (if blogger will let me). It is sans buttons because I keep forgetting to get some. Both of the little knitters have worn buttonless cardies, so I am sure she will manage until I get them.


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