Some Promised Pictures

Today we have pictures. First is the second sleeve on Rose. I didn't get very much done yesterday due to my sewing marathon. Today I will not get much done because I am very busy with domestic work. You know, otherwise known as housekeeping. I predict that I can be done with Rose a week from now. But will I be done????

My second picture is fabric for a reversible dress and hat for knitter #3. It is Butterick #6033. I think she will look fabulous in it with her brilliant orange hair. I have had the pattern for so long, that I doubt it is available anymore.

Let's talk about the weather. It seems to be unbelievably hot every where right about now. They have predicted 110 for tomorrow. I hope not. It has been that hot in Britain lately, so I am not holding out hopes that it will pass by the inland Pacific Northwest. Heck, they are predicting temperatures over 100 in Portland. Eek. My poor chickens just suffer in really hot weather. Poor things.


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