For a secret pal contest, we are supposed to post about our favorite current project. Mine is Boo, which I went back to work on yesterday. I tore it all out and started over with a sleeve last night. I was enjoying it so much, I had to tear myself away from it and FORCE myself to go to bed. It is a pretty easy pattern, so my alterations to it aren’t a big headache. I can remember when I looked at it on Knitty one day and my daughter came in the room and told me she wanted a sweater like that. The top reason I like it so much is that I am working the sleeves in the round and the body in one piece. It is knitting up fast and will have minimal seaming at the end.

As you can see from the picture of my sleeve, it is a very nice day today. We even have a flower in bloom today. I should probably mark it on the calendar. Maybe next week I will have cut flowers in the house. I love having fresh flowers around the house.

This is my progress on my window covering. Last night I held it up to the door, and I think I might have made it too narrow. I might have to add an additional edging besides the garter stitch I have been doing. The elk is much lower on the window than I thought it was going to be, so I may have to add something in above him. I am going to do a tree border at the top, but all that blank space in between might need a little something.

I think I need to jump start the sewing slump I am in. This morning I discovered Angry Chicken’s apron page. It is inspiring to see the cool aprons that people make. I might have to make myself one. If I had one I liked, I might wear it and spare my clothes in the kitchen.


Rebecca said…
The window shade might look fine with some empty space above - the elk is heavy enough to be at the bottom instead of centered. Or, you could keep adding more pattern and have more of a sampler.

I am not sure I have a favorite current project - only ones I want to be done with so I can start on new favorite projects!
Looks like you're having lovely spring sunshine... Happy weekend knitting!
Anonymous said…
Hi! I found your blog through Ringsurf, and was struck by this coincidence: The two books I bought most recently are EZ Knitting Without Tears and Knitting Beyond the Edge (gotten at JoAnns with coupon). I am knitting the cabled point sweater from Knitting Beyond the Edge. For knitters, the world IS very small.
Nice window covering. What yarn did you use? Will you line it?

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