A Hint of Spring?

I’ve been playing with my sidebar today. It is rather cool the things you can get in your sidebar these days. And so far Blogger has only malfunctioned on me once. I was creating something and it just disappeared on me. Typical computer behavior.

Our weather has turned so nice again that I am really afraid to think it is going to stay this way. We will probably get the deep freeze next week or something. Yesterday afternoon I found this on the edge of my yard:

I love crocuses. The first bit of brightness hinting at the coming spring. Too bad my feet have been cold all day.

Last night I finished the left front of the vest and got started on the right front. If I am not careful I will be having finished objects all over the place… (wishful thinking)


I love crocuses as well...sadly ours are all covered with 7 new inches of snow!

Slow down on the finishing--you're making me look bad!
Rebecca said…
It looks like spring here, as well, with sunny blue skies today. Looks being the key word. It's hard to see the sun up and then walk out into -30 degree temps to leave for work. I love spring flowers; crocuses are one of my favorites. I love when they are scattered through the grass and they peek through in the spring.

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