Counting My Yarn

Yesterday, the ADD Knitter asked if I got my baby birds in the mail. We get our babies through a local feed store. They come from a hatchery that is about 40 miles away. The baby birds are sent by the hatchery to our local post office and the feed store people get the early morning phone call from the post mistress. We raise them just for the joy of them. We don't care for the eggs that much, but they do outlay chickens. I tried to oust the ducklings from the house last night, but it didn’t work. It was going to be too cold, so we brought them back in.

After reading Rebecca’s blog post a while back about tallying up her yarn collection, I decided to keep track of my yarn, too. Jean of Jean’s Knitting does it as well. She has kept track for years. Jean keeps track of yarn being used and yarn coming in to see if she used more balls than she has bought at the end of the year. Last weekend I wrote down what I had bought since the beginning of the year. Today, I went through my collection and wrote down my yarns, the colors and how many balls of each. If I keep up with it, it’ll be a great way to keep track of what I have.

I’ve been thinking about how I am going to make Boo into a sweater you knit all in one piece. I think I am going to knit the sleeves first. Since it is a kids sweater, there aren’t any armhole decreases. (I guess that is why it has the blocky shape, anyway.) I am using up some remnants to imitate the striping pattern of the Silk Garden used in the original. I want to knit it in one piece so I don’t have to worry about running out of the first few colors I will use. If I do the sleeves first, I can do a little math and figure out how far to knit before I need to separate the fronts from the back. There aren’t any schematics to check. I LOVE when I get to make something harder than it really needs to be. I’m almost giddy thinking about it right now….

These are some goodies that came last weekend. They came with the yarn for my husband’s sweater. When I saw how tiny those 16” circulars were, I didn’t think it would be possible to use them. I played with them and changed my mind. They are in sizes 0, 1, and 2. Possibly, I should have gotten them in the 24” length instead. I am loving the Barbara Walker Treasury. Naturally, I have already picked out some stitch patterns I want to use someday. I haven’t looked at Knitting Workshop much yet. I have no doubt I will like it. It IS Elizabeth Zimmermann, after all.


Thanks for the chick info, I love hearing about stuff like that. Yes, I also worship at the altar of EZ.
Anonymous said…
You certainly inspired me to try to keep track of my stash too now - it's pretty organized as it is piled up, but I don't have an idea anymore what I have and how much of it - writing it down is definitely a great thing to do!
And my gosh, these are some goodie books that you've got - especially the Knitting Workshop is very high up on my "Have to buy" list! Enjoy reading and getting inspired!

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