My Succulent Garden

This is my succulent garden. I got the idea watching a gardening show last fall. When I saw all the goods at Home Depot last weekend, I didn’t attempt to resist. Today I got the last ingredients: cactus mix and rocks. The hardest part was finding interesting plants that had the same water and light requirements. There are lots of really cool looking succulents out there, but you can’t always plant them together successfully. That is why I have another pot with a really pretty red and green plant in it. I used to have something like 40 houseplants. Currently, I couldn’t possibly tell you.

Anyway, I have some other new goodies to show off. Yesterday, the mail brought me my Wool Gathering subscription. My 3 year old told me she wants the gansey. There is a kids version inside. I was surprised. I really thought she would go for the Norwegian number.

Last week after art class, I went to JoAnn’s where I found this quilting toy. I really wished I had one when I pressed the blocks for Brent’s quilt. That same day, I passed on the sewing magazine that I got at the grocery store today. I’ve looked through it and I really like it. It is put out by Threads, but I would never subscribe to Threads itself- it doesn’t appeal to me. This magazine does and I think I will subscribe to it. Threads seems like it is for very experienced sewers and Sew Stylish is geared toward beginners. It also seems to be for a younger crowd than Threads.

My knitting? It is coming along. I hope to have the vest finished by Friday so I can take it to my aunt when I leave the kids. I need to get a zipper for it on Thursday when I go shopping. Right now, I have no idea what length I will need.


Wow, rock on with the your succulents btw. There is a cool succulents group on flickr if you're ever bored...
Rebecca said…
I love house plants -well, I really love plants in general. Yet another thing I am looking forward to when I move - staying in one place long enough not only to plant myself, but lots of greenery.

I was reading some blogs and came across this pattern site and thought you might be interested. Bee's Knees Knits. And, a link from the blog where I found it, with pictures of one of their completed patterns: Get Back JoJo!
Lone Knitter said…
I love your succulent garden! It's so cute and pretty. I had a cactus garden that I had to get rid off, but I still have the little pot that is similar to yours. Maybe I'll start a succulent garden too.

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