A Car Bag

This short little post is really just to show you what I did with my Saturday. I made this bag to go in our car between the kids’ car seats. It holds a couple blankets, books and some toys to keep them happy and entertained when we are on the road. On a recent shopping trip, the oldest was bored and whiney. I got the inspiration from a bag I saw in a craft magazine that was for baby things.

There were some questions left by commenter about my window covering. I am making it with some red heart super saver yarn that has been laying around for a few years. Since it is being knit from acrylic, I am not planning on lining it. I am knitting it at a dense enough gauge that I don’t think it will let too much light through. Right now, I am considering where or not to put some snowflakes on it . I might just leave it as is until I reach the top.


Lone Knitter said…
Your window covering looks awesome. Your chicks and ducklings are so cute! I miss my parents' house right now--their eggs are probably hatching right about now too.
Rebecca said…
I love bags..and boxes...and really anything that I can put stuff in. That bag looks great. Did you freestyle it, or use a pattern? I would really like to start making more bags...I think that will be a fall or next winter project, though!

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