New Things

We did some shopping this weekend. And I got something knitting related. But first, I have a picture of my new yarn from Elann. It is their Peruvian highland wool in Candy Cane Red. You will note that it is very, very red. Especially in the sunshine. It is going to be this sweater that I found on the Elann website.

Now for the knitting related thing I got over the weekend:

A book! I have had my eye on this book and found it in JoAnn’s. I got it with my coupon, so it was a very good price. I LOVE this book. I have already marked 8 different things in it that I would like to use on future projects. There are several projects in the book, too. I thought there would just be the edgings, cuffs, etc. and was pleased to find there were a few projects. I’d have definitely bought the book without them, though. The different sections of the book are: cuffs and collars, necklines, corners &edges, closures, and patterns. There are also some small sections about neckline variations, necklines and patterns, and adjusting edges. I hadn’t actually seen any of the Epstein books, so I didn’t really know what they were like. There are some cool flowers that I think are just dying to go on the flap of a felted bag. In the closures section, there are a lot of cool variations on button bands. Even cooler, there alternatives to even using buttons. Or maybe you would call them knitted buttons. Anyway, I spent half my weekend looking at that book.

This morning while my littlest knitter splashed all the water out of the bathtub, I looked through my Simple Socks book. I want to make some socks with some kind of a motif on them. The drawing in the book looks cool. I think Eastern style stockings are absolute works of art.

Coming soon: A succulent garden


Anonymous said…
I was also looking at that book! It looks really good, and the more I look and the more I hear about it, the more I talk my self into buying it. We'll see the next time I go out shopping.
Lone Knitter said…
What a pretty sweater. It's going to be smashing in that red wool.

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