Fabric + Books = Bliss

So much fabric, so little time. It is amazing the amount of fabric you can buy and still not break into the triple digits. I bought lots and lots of red fabrics today for a quilt for the master bedroom and I absolutely love them all. I did buy some fabrics for the girls. Knitter # 2 picked out her own fabrics, too. This all means I need to do some sewing or I am not going to have anyplace to store fabric.

When we got home, I actually missed seeing a box of art supplies on our porch. My dog must have been under the porch when the Fed Ex guy showed up. I noticed there were dog biscuits. I wonder if he threw them and the box as he ran away…. Sam is the sort of dog that WILL bite strange people in his yard. Thank goodness for package tracking. I expect I missed the box because of the heavy bags of fabric and my excitement over the box of books that were in the mail box. Here are two of them:

One is a birthday present for a little knitter. I am not going to tell you which one. All I can say is I am going to go drool in MY book.


Rebecca said…
I am excited about your red quilt - what kind of pattern are you going to use? I have one more quilt to do before I begin my red and cream stars quilt. And, the wife of a friend of my fiance's just offered to let me use her quilting machine any time - yay! So excited about that!
Lone Knitter said…
I love, love, love Richard Scary books. The little town is so cute. I want to knit a Richard Scary town.
Anonymous said…
I really love these fabrics that you've been getting - the colours and patterns are so beautiful! I can't wait to see the quilt you're doing with these!

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