Busy Times

Since I last posted, I have done lots of sewing, plenty of knitting and way too much flower seed planting. If I do not have beautiful flowers around here in a few months, it will not be my fault. I still have a bunch of flower seed I want to plant, too. It is my dream to one day have a beautiful yard. Instead of boring and weedy looking. My main wish is to have flowers around here. A few from last year have come back, so the battle hasn’t been completely lost. Hopefully next year there will be even more that come back. I haven’t had very good luck with perennial plants, so I am going with seeds this year.

I may actually have some finished objects in the next week or so. It is such a wonderful feeling to think that I could finish all my current projects within days of each other. I could be back to one project status by the first of June. Watch me do a happy dance!


I share your gardening goals, I'm so sick of our ratty yard!

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