Happy May Day

Happy May Day!

I’ve been doing lots of gardening lately. I love it. In spring, your garden (flower or vegetable) has endless possibilities. This could be the year you have that outstanding garden. Unlike mid-July when you pretty much know this thing and that thing are not going look beautiful this year. Or that your tomatoes don’t seem like they are going to give you as much fruit as you wanted. Right now I am still envisioning my garden packed with all sorts of delicious goodies. Later, I intend to go harvest some rhubarb and make a rhubarb brown betty. Or maybe a pie.

How about some knitting? I don’t really have anything to show. I’ve been knitting, but acres of stockinette stitch are pretty darn boring. It almost makes me want to start a new project, but it would just take me longer to get things done. I’ve always prided myself on being a one project at a time girl. I will be happy when I get back to that status. The way Boo has been coming along, I may not be too far away from my goal.

Yesterday, we went to the mountains. It was fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring spare batteries for the camera, so there were no fabulous wildflower shots. The camera refused to take any shots after our picnic. Next weekend, I am taking the car charger and spare batteries. I did get to paint, so that was nice. Of course, I did take my new sock knitting bag along and did some knitting on the way up. Who goes on a car ride without their knitting?


Yes, Happy May day!!
Rebecca said…
I keep thinking that finishing a project before starting a new one is a smart idea, and it would help things get done faster, but my attention span doesn't last that long. And now with spring, hard to haul that wool around - much more fun to be digging in the dirt.

I love Brown Sheep yarn, too. It is just one of those standards that I know and can always find a color that I like. The yarn I have is worsted weight.

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