Today is a cupcake day. Our oldest is having her birthday today. And without her Daddy. He’s been gone all week for work. She doesn’t know it, but he is going to be coming home tonight. He might not get here until really late, though. Anyway, no party today. But we ARE having cupcakes. They are even from an actual cupcake recipe I found in one of my Grandmother’s cookbooks. I think it is just a smaller recipe than a regular cake. It makes 18 cupcakes. In the past I have just made cake batter and made loads of cupcakes. They are chocolate with maple frosting. (my personal favorite is chocolate cake with vanilla frosting). You can barely have cupcakes without sprinkles. You know, if sprinkles are just unavailable, you can have a cupcake without. But that is the only way. Just ask my 4 year old. Anyway, this is the before and after.

I wonder what it is that makes cupcakes so much better than regular cake. When I was a kid, I would get so excited when my mom made cupcakes. My daughter is the same. Somehow, cupcakes are just better. Maybe it is because they are finger food. I’m going to go eat my cupcake with sprinkles now.


We are all major cupcake enthusiasts in this house as well, to the point that my nickname for my husband is, you guessed it, 'cupcake'!

They are special because they are always made for a special occasion. You rarely just make cupcakes for any old reason, although the world would be a happier place if people did do that more often...
Rebecca said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter!

I love cupcakes - can't really think of a favorite, maybe chocolate with chocolate or yellow with chocolate. I just love cake in general.
Lone Knitter said…
Those cupcakes look delicious. I hope your little one has a happy birthday!

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