Only 2 Tries

Who says third time’s a charm? Sometimes it only takes 2 tries. On my first attempt to put a picture in my header, the picture was way too small and it pushed the lettering out of the header and into my post. It wasn’t very cool looking.

We are loving our window covering. Thursday night, after much swearing, my husband got all the hooks up and I got it stretched over the window. It blocks the light very well. I had no idea how much light came in that one little window. I am amazed at the amount of light that it cut down on, and I am not sure I like that aspect of it (I love that our house is very bright). I’m surprised that one smallish window accounts for so much light. There are 3 other windows in the living room, all bigger than the one on the door. However, it is really nice that the sun won’t stream in, blinding people at supper time. My husband suggested I make them for all the windows. Smart ass.

I got some new fabric yesterday. The red and white print was amongst all the flat fold fabrics at JoAnn’s. Now I will have to decide what it is going to be. It reminds me of some of the old fabrics that were in my Grandmother’s scrap box when I was a kid. The orange print will probably be for the kids. The other stuff, who knows? I also found some bags of trim remnants. I love those little baggies. They always have some surprises in them.


Cool fabric!! And way to go with the header pic, I am a disaster when it comes to such modifications...

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