Knitting and Hopefully a Header Change

Notice anything different here? I had this picture, and I have wanted to be able to put a picture in the header for a long, long time. If it’s not there, then call me Frustrated and Annoyed. We all know playing with your blog’s template can become infuriating, right? Hopefully, it works the first time.

I’ve spent a lot of time gardening recently. I think that I have pretty well got my garden planted now. However, I have many more flower seeds to plant before I call the planting season done. Last year was a pathetic year around here for flowers as well as the vegetable garden. But I did have an adorable infant as my excuse. This year I am really enjoying my gardening time.

So how about my knitting projects. I am finally getting close to finishing my February socks. I will darned if I make socks on needles that small again. Boo is still in progress. The body is all sewn together and I have the sleeve ruffles done. I am currently working on the collar. There are so many stitches because of the ruffling that it isn’t going as fast as I would like. The window covering? DONE!!!!! It would be hanging up, but my husband needs to drill some holes in our door for the hooks that will hold it in place. I can’t wait to see how it looks on the door. This is how it looks outside:


Umm, no pic, sorry! Don't you hate blogger?;)
Lone Knitter said…
Yay. I'm so glad you finished your window covering. I'm sure it will look lovely all hung up.

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