The Christmas Challenge

The Beast has returned! She didn’t get away with anything, though. She tried to tear some wire out, but it wouldn’t have done her any good. The ducks told on her and woke us up. My husband went out with a flashlight and discovered WHO and WHAT she is. She’s a Bobcat, not a fox. I say ’she’ because someone saw a female with babies around here. She ran away. Her bad habits may cost her, though. My husband is determined to do away with her.

I’ve been working away on my Christmas projects hoping to get some finished by Saturday. I won’t finish them all, but I didn’t really think I would. I am mostly done with the knitting. I have to rethink the sewing projects. Several gifts on the list are being replaced with different handcrafted items. I just can’t help it if I change my mind…

I had some picture taking to do today. There isn’t one work in progress on my Ravelry project page that has a picture. And I am currently violating my rule about how many projects I can have going at once. I still have high hopes of knitting myself another sweater before the year is out. Perhaps I should go knit. Before I do that, here is the first half of Bloom:

If I were only knitting on this, I would have finished it already. I love the pattern. The short rows make it fun and interesting. I love the way the Silver Thaw looks, too. The version on Knitty was made with a different Noro yarn in brighter colors, but I prefer the shades of blue, lavender and gray I am getting with this stuff. I think I am going to have some leftover, too.

Now I will go knit.


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