My New Toy

I do not usually join in the Black Friday festivities. That said, I brought this beautiful machine home for just $200 yesterday.

We went into a local store to look at televisions. And there was MY mixer for $100 off! In red. I have longed for this mixer for so VERY long. I was saving money for a spinning wheel. I’ll have to start over again, but it is worth it. I love my new mixer.

After we got home yesterday, we spent the day over at my MIL’s house watching football. She wasn’t there, but the satellite was. I spent a lot of time knitting. I worked on this for most of the afternoon:

That picture was taken a few days ago. I am far beyond that point with the mitts now. That is the Bearfoot yarn I was showing here a few posts back.

These are the socks I was working on for my Dad.

There was quite a bit of yarn leftover because I was afraid of running out and shortened the leg of the socks. I have another ball that I am hoping to knit up for my husband for Christmas. I haven’t picked a pattern yet.


Anonymous said…
Aren't those kitchen aid mixers the greatest!? I want one soooo bad, I just can't justify $200 for baking supplies since I don't do it often.
Work it, girl!! I have that very same red mixer (great minds think alike) and have totally gotten my $$$$ worth out of it, you will LOVE it!
Rebecca said…
I hate not knowing how long to make socks - I always have some left over. One day I will make something with all of those scraps.

I have a mixer - I had wanted one for a long time and received one for my wedding. I haven't used it a lot, though - hopefully when I have more time to cook. I look forward to seeing what kinds of goodies you cook up.
Lone Knitter said…
That is a beautiful mixer! Manly and I have been wanting one of those too!

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