I am going to give you all a list of the things that went wrong this week:

1. Our porch light burned out, and we’re out of bulbs. I can’t seem to remember to buy any when I am in town. Our yard light has been out for nearly a year. Dark times in the country.
2. I lost an entire pumpkin pie putting it in the oven last night. It all slid right down into the warming drawer. Yay.
3. I trudged out to the chicken coop at 9 pm last night with a flashlight looking for more eggs for another pumpkin pie…
4. Our tv quit. Replacement #1 was also quits. Replacement #2 has no sound and will show movies, but not television programming.
5. I burned my fingers at least twice today because I can’t seem to remember things are hot after I take them out of the oven.

In spite of all these little failures, our Thanksgiving was wonderful. I honestly can’t remember a holiday when I’ve had more things go wrong. In the end, the food was all wonderful. My fingers weren’t harmed, either.

And I have two new projects to share about. I don’t have pictures yet, but there isn’t much to see, anyway. I started some mitts from the Winter ‘06 IK. And last night in the heat of my stress, I decided to start Bloom from Knitty. There’s a link in the sidebar. Fortunately, I didn’t find the pattern and start it then. I was too tired to be doing something like that. I just wound the ball of yarn instead. The pattern was right where it was supposed to be this morning. I was just too tired to find it. Anyway, this is the yarn I am using for the mitts:

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, too.


janilizi said…
Glad to hear that Thanksgiving went well for you. Read through your disater list made me smile - it must be the week for TV's as our number one set and number 2 gave up the ghost too.
Glad you had a great holiday despite the snafus!:)

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