The Halloween Dresses and Baby Hats

It’s been busy times around here, but at least I’ve gotten some knitting done lately. There was sewing, too. That’s what I have to show you today:

These are the Halloween princess dresses. After they wore them I decided I was not impressed with the pattern. The dresses tend to slide right off them. I think next year we will go with something more fun. I like to sort of leave it up to them what they will be.

I’ve almost finished the hat and scarf set now. I have a couple stripes left on the hat and it will be done. I’m afraid it is going to be way too big for the recipient. The hat just looks terribly big. Like it might fit Brent. He has a big head and 11 year olds don’t really. I’m afraid to check my gauge. I’m not sure I did on the scarf. Usually, with scarves, it doesn’t matter. With most everything else, it does. Perhaps I could give it to one of my brothers if it is off gauge and way too big. I have a normal size head and I figure if it fits me, it should be ok for the person I’m making it for.

Rebecca left a comment asking me about hat sizes for small babies. My kids inherited their fathers giant head. (Sometimes c-sections are a blessing. Thank heavens I didn’t have push those big heads out.)The nurses had to hunt to find hats (large enough) to fit on them. I do wonder what is up with all the hat patterns for babies. As big as my kids’ heads were, the hats I made them were still way too big for them to wear. It is nice that the hats do eventually fit. I checked my books today and the smallest pattern I found was the one that drooped down to the chin of my youngest when she was born. I’m sure with all the baby hat patterns out there, some of them must actually fit newborns. I hope, anyway!


Sarah said…
ooooh, your little princesses are sooo adorable!
Rebecca said…
cute, cute, cute!

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