A Yarn Shop For Me

The fox hasn’t been back recently to visit our birds. Not that we know about, anyway. We’ve been keeping them all locked up at night so it can’t coordinate any more massacres.

I got some new yarn last week. I found the local yarn shop that I heard about on Ravelry. If it hadn’t been for Ravelry, I would have continued to drive by it on a regular basis without taking a second glance. Now I have a yarn shop to go to. I no longer have an excuse to be insanely jealous of all the people that have yarn shops near by. There is lots of fabulous yarn and I have only begun to discover their goodies. I couldn’t believe how soft Frog Tree Alpaca is. They had a room with yarn all over the floor and I was sure it was for people to roll in until the owner said she was sorting it…. I promise to take pictures of my new yarn and freshly finished objects tomorrow. Sun or no sun.

Does anyone out there know what sort of pattern would suit sari silk? I have wanted some for a long time and my new home away from home has some and…. I need something to make with it if I am going to buy some. I have heard it isn’t good for garments but works well for bags. I’m not sure I want to make a bag with it. I’m wondering how it might work for some fingerless mitts or gloves. Maybe I will have to spend some time online searching tomorrow. How punishing, I can make up for my online deficit I built up last week.


M said…
I've been making the Candle Flame Shawl by Dean Crane (a free pattern on Ravelry) with some pale amethyst colored sari silk. I like the way it's coming out but it is somewhat heavy. I'm making it for my mom and she's the type that's always cold...so it should be okay. Also, I do find that the yarn kinks up quite a bit.

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