Troubles and My First Love

I’ve been having nothing but troubles. I’ve ripped the Cinchy Hat back twice now because of the gauge issue. First it was WAY too big. Then it was WAY too small. I am not ripping it back again. I did a little math after I measured for gauge last night. Hopefully this change will be the last one. How many times have we said we wouldn’t rip something out again? Yeah.

We lost more birds last week. This time I found evidence in the pen. It apparently likes chicken better than duck. Friday night and Saturday my husband fixed all the gaps in the roofline so the beast couldn’t get back in. So far, so good. When he built the roof over the pen, he left the very top open. It was easy access for the fox or bobcat. I think I mentioned recently that something had been killing our birds…

A while back I bought the Vogue book on cables (Stitchionary 2). I am not impressed with it as a resource for doing arans, but it has nice possibilities other wise. If you want a book for doing arans, go with Harmony Guides book. I’ve had it for years and think it is a great source. I think it is too bad that Vogue didn’t include the patterns shown at the fronts of the sections like the Nicky Epstein books do. There are some great looking sweaters pictured at the beginning of several sections of the Vogue book.

And how about the winter IK? It’s got some cool stuff. I always love texture stuff and it has a lot of that. And I love Kristin Nicholas, so I had read the interview first thing. She uses bright colors and embroidery on her knitting. What is NOT to love? Embroidery was my first craft love. I learned to crochet when I was 7 or 8 and to embroider at 9. I stuck with the embroidery for years. I want to do it a lot more, so I have some projects brewing in my head.


I completely agree with you about the Vogue cables book!!
Sarah said…
You are right -- the Harmony Guide for arans is sooo much better.

I got my winter IK last week, and I thought there was a marked difference in this one. The work of Eunny Jang? I don't know... I can't decide if I like this change or not.

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