Monkey Socks Yarn

I braved the ice cold breeze for the picture of this dress:

It is one I was going on about making before my computer went bad. I used the black to lengthen it and embroidered the leaves to fancy it up. We did an art project at preschool one day and I used the leaves that Knitter #2 and I made as the patterns. I traced them with a colored pencil.

And here is my prized yarn:

The reason it is prized is because I finally found something to suit my taste for Monkey socks. The only Monkeys that I have seen and really, really liked were done in shades of blue. I’ve been looking around for months to find a good candidate.

My goodness it is cold here. If it weren’t for the breeze, it probably wouldn’t feel all that cold. It is finally getting that time of year. Maybe the flies will GO AWAY now. I am sick of them. I don’t think I have ever missed summer and looked forward to winter all at the same time like this before. Winter is nearly upon us and I really need some warm gloves. I’m thinking of making myself the arm warmers from Weekend Knitting, too.

I am rows away from finishing some Christmas socks. Yay!!!!


That dress is so darn cute!!
Probably Jane said…
Gloves and mitts are the new socks you know - go on - you know you want to...

J the mitt fanatic

PS The dress is very cute.

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