Bad, Bad Weather

Our weather has gone to crap this week. My husband picked the perfect time to take vacation. He doesn’t have to be out in the blowing snow. Sunday was a lovely warm day. Which is probably why I was sliding sideways down our driveway in 4wd Monday morning. Today and Tuesday we’ve had high winds and snow. I pity all the beasties out in the weather. Yesterday was really nice. I could use some more of that!

I’ve been doing some knitting since the weather is perfect for it. I had decided at the beginning of January that maybe I wouldn’t buy any yarn until I had knit up 35 balls of my stash. Yesterday I decided I would join Stashalong since I had already set myself a goal. I don’t really have a huge stash, so I guess I am just practicing stash control. Or maybe punishing myself. Stashalong is having a February knit along and I’m trying to decide what to make for it. Or if I should. I am torn as to whether I should start any more projects or not. If I decide to go for it, I may do some socks for Brent. He has a birthday coming up in 10 days. Heh, as if I could make them that fast. But maybe in a month.


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