Stranding and Snow

Lizzie asked for a tip on keeping her knitting from puckering (because that’s what it does when it isn’t loose enough). If I have a large gap where I don’t use a color, I give it a wrap around the yarn I am using between stitches. I just take my ball of yarn and drop it across the yarn I am using. By large gap, I mean anything over 5 stitches. On the cuff of my mitten, when I was doing the tops and bottoms of the flowers I would do it with the yellow about halfway through the stretches of black. The mittens are coming along. I am almost to the thumb now. I LOVE the texture of the hand. Now that I see how the mitten is done, I have hopes of not running out of black yarn before I finish them. The green really makes them pop, too.

Yesterday it snowed here. That was all it did, all day. Snow, snow, snow. All the schools are closed. Loads of happy, happy kids. This morning when we got up, we had a bit of a surprise. As soon as Brent turned on the kitchen lights, they went out. Our power was out for an hour. We went back to bed until it came on an hour later. He was heart broken to be forced to sleep an extra hour. Just this week, they have switched back to their 4, 10 hour days schedule. It is great for me, I have plenty of time to get my workout in before leaving for preschool. Anyone for a snowball fight?


Wait--you have snow?? I am SO JEALOUS!!
LizzieK8 said…
Yeah, I do that too, but I think my problem was pulling it too tight when I changed from needle to needle. Using to circs solved the problem, but I really like using DPNs.

Thanks for the answer!

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