My Mittens

As promised, a picture of the Cathedral Mittens:

I am really, really enjoying knitting them. I am interested to see what the hands and their slipped stitches will be like.

Today was not a good day here. Over the weekend my husband came to the conclusion that it was time to have his dog put to sleep. It has been an awful day. We haven’t told the kids yet. They haven’t noticed that she is gone because she tended to stay in her bed most of the time. If there aren’t any questions before tomorrow, I won’t have to tell them while he’s home. It is sad to see your animal friends get old and know that some day you are going to be without them. There aren’t words for how it feels to take them to have it done. Tomorrow is a new day, and it will be better.


dandelionpicker said…
I really like those! I haven't seen this pattern before...I added it to my queue on Ravelry!
LizzieK8 said…
I have great trouble keeping my stranding loose enough when using DPNs. Got any tips?
I'm really sorry to hear that. My mom had to put our old fox hound down and my dad (who has Alzheimer's) is very sad and confused about it, she was his entire life:(
Probably Jane said…
So sorry about your husband's dog. It's never an easy decision even though you know you are doing your best for them.

The mittens are shaping up beautifully.

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