Spring is Coming

The other day, I was in JoAnn’s and found these cute prints for some dresses. Not for me, of course. For some small people I know.

On the knitting front, I have started another new project that is probably to avoid finishing a mitten. It is the Luna Moth Shawl from Elann. I’m making it with some Alpaca With a Twist that I got in secret pal more than a year ago. It is so soft, I just love it. I have actually started the thumb on the mitten. I can’t wait to start the second mitten, I’m just a bit tired of the troubles with the tip of the mitten and trying to find the stitches to pick up for the thumb. On the second mitten, I may try to slip a string in so it isn’t such a trial picking up the stitches. Maybe I should explain a little. These mittens don’t use a gusset, you slip off 18 stitches and place them on a stitch holder or run a string through to hold them. Then you cast on 18 new stitches using the backwards loop method. Those little devils are a night mare to pick up.


Yes, that was ME in the picture. You guys may see more of me if my husband keeps taking pictures that aren’t blurry. Thanks to Rebecca for her input on fixing the heel of my father’s sock. It is definitely going to require a creative fix.


Oh the Luna Moth, I am so excited to see that one!!

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