Last Week's Sewing

I finished up a bunch of sewing projects last week. Here are two of them:

The first one is a Built By Wendy pattern. It is Simplicity 4111. I made it to go with some red Capri pants I made using the the Built By Wendy pants pattern. The pants pattern is Simplicity 4110. I have to say, I LOVE the pants pattern. So far I have made 3 pairs of pants/shorts with it and love them all. I’m wearing a pair of them right now as a matter of fact. The second top is Simplicity 3887. I made it with the sheer fabric to layer over tank tops last summer. I didn’t finish it in time for that, so I am currently layering it over long sleeve t’s. Best of all, the fabric was something I found on the clearance aisle at JoAnn’s last year. It probably cost me less than a dollar for the fabric.

My Survivorman Hat is coming along. I had to rip it back to the cast on because it was so tight on my head that it made my head hurt. I had cast on only 70 stitches using the gauge given on a hank of similar yarn in my stash. My gauge was a little tighter, so I did my math and cast on more stitches. Fortunately, Lopi is a nice sticky yarn, so I didn’t have any problems with the cast on row wanting to unravel before I got needles back in it. I am enjoying this experiment so much that I didn’t even mind ripping it all out. It is a nice break from my mittens. I love them, but the tip was aggravating and I need a break before starting the thumb.


Both are really, really cute. I am such a wannabe sewer!

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